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UNSYS Digital promotes its mission for dissemination of knowledge and knowhow through its continuing research publication program. The publisher supports the delayed open-access policy (in which the open-access articles would be freely accessible 12 months after its publication date) to enable the effective distribution of information to general audience. Journal subscribers can access all the content immediately upon publication. The subscription both for individual and institutional can be arranged by contacting the subscription manager at eileen.park@unsysdigital.com.

Individual Subscription

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Journal of Unmanned System Technology Online 1 year 300 4.296
International Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics Online 1 year 325 4.654
Journal of Instrumentation, Automation and System Online 1 year 310 4.439
Progress and Communication in Science Online 1 year 375 5.370
The detail description of each journal is available by clicking the corresponding link in the above table. A paying subscriber will receive login information to access the content throughout the period of subscription. The sample of the journal article is made available as a preview for the interested reader.

Editorial Service

The publisher provides editing and proof-reading services for interested authors who would like to improve the quality of their papers. There are two level of editing:
Language editing:reorganizing manuscript structure correct errors related to grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other writing style mechanics. Clarifying meaning in case that there are vague/ambiguous expressions, eliminate jargon, polishing sentences and language expressions, and other non mechanical line by line edits.

Academic editing:Revising the manuscript in terms of academic logicality, content organization, result analysis and language to ensure that the paper is well organized, scientifically sound and appropriate to publication. Ensuring information consistency and coherence throughout the paper particularly

Language Editing (regular) 7-10 days 70 1.002
Academic Editing (regular) 7-10 days 100 1.432
Language Editing (expedited) 3-5 days 140 2.005
Academic Editing (expedited) 3-5 days 200 2.864

Technical Writing Program

In supporting the authors, the publisher regularly organizes a short course on technical writing. Instructors' accumulated experience in managing technical work(how it is described, the results obtained and their consequences)and communicating it to others would be shared in detail to helpparticipants master the material. Writing clinic and workshop are designed to enriched the learningexperience with hands-on activities. The structure of the standard program is available from the latest held event.

Introductory Seminar 2 days 100 1.432
Short Course and Workshop 3 days 130 1.862
Short Course, Workshop and Writing Clinic 5 days 160 2.291
For all the above program and service, you can contact us at eo@unsysdigital.com